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Statement of Perspective

Those contributing to critical realism take the view that there is more to what is than what is known, more to laws of nature than regular succession, more to society than human agents and more to human agents than effects of society; and that objective explanations need not be practically neutral.

The critical realist project is committed to pursuing open-ended inquiry in the course of which it has generated a dialectical turn. It has branched out from the philosophy of science and social science to inspire an ever-widening array of work in the human sciences themselves, and in ontology, ethics and politics. It encompasses a wide variety of views, from ecology to psychoanalysis and from Marxism to religion.

With the series Critical Realism: Interventions, and Routledge Studies in Critical Realism, the CCR has various aims. These include reprinting some formative texts of the critical realist project, making available original work sharing critical realist assumptions in several disciplines and from varying perspectives, as well as encouraging constructive dialogues with critics.

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