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The Centre for Critical Realism (CCR) was established as a charitable trust in November 1996 with the general aim of supporting activities, both theoretical and practical, concerned with the development of realist social theory and philosophy.

The CCR’s initial  projects included the establishment (in August 1997) of an Annual Conference, a Seminar Series, a Web site, and the Newsletter Alethia. It also instigated the formation of the International Association for Critical Realism (IACR), which, since 1998, has existed as an independent international professional organisation.

Since 1999 the Annual Conference has been taken over, and run, by IACR. The Newsletter, Alethia, was also taken over by IACR, and developed into the Journal of Critical Realism, peer reviewed from November 2002.

The CCR continues to organise a Seminar Series, and in conjunction with Routledge, also produces Book Series on realist social theory and philosophy, and cognate topics.

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